Ask a Question

If you have a question about the Statement on Values and Culture, Values in Action, Duke policies or procedures, or want to talk through an issue you are uncertain about, please contact Duke’s Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance (OARC) for assistance.  Reach us by calling (919) 613-7630 during normal business hours, or via email at

Share or Report a Concern

It takes courage to come forward.  Retaliation for reporting concerns in good faith is strictly prohibited. 

To report a suspected crime, contact the Duke Campus Police:

  • Emergency: 911 
  • Non-Emergency: (919) 684-2444
  • DUPD website
  • LiveSafe Safety mobile application information submission

If you witness or are asked to participate in actions that are not consistent with our values, tell someone.  Ask your supervisor, department head, dean, an advisor, a colleague or a friend for advice.

If you prefer, you can contact 800.826.8109 to discuss your question or report your concern.  The toll-free number is a confidential, and anonymous if you choose, service provided 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  A third-party administers this service and refers the information to the appropriate audit or compliance office for follow-up action.

Duke takes all reported concerns seriously and safeguards the identities of those providing information.  Duke commits to conducting a fair and expeditious inquiry and to use any information to correct errors, make improvements, and ensure accountability. To the extent possible, we protect confidentiality of individuals and information related to investigations. Should illegal activity be suspected or confirmed, the university has a duty to report those facts to the appropriate authorities.

You can also contact subject-specific offices to seek advice, ask questions or submit concerns.  For more information, choose one of the resource offices below (please note that access to some information requires a NetID login):

Resource Offices

COVID Response
Faculty and Staff
Patients and Providers
Vendors, Affiliates, Alumni, Collaborators