Ask Yourself... What does my gut tell me? Does this represent Duke’s values? Is it good for Duke and those who depend on us? — What does Duke’s policy say? Is this aligned to Duke ’s policies and procedures? — What would others think? Would others see this the same way I do? Will this action or decision stand the test of time? If you answered, “Yes” to these questions, proceed. Otherwise, stop. And if you’re not sure... just ask.

At one time or another, everyone can be faced with a difficult situation that requires us to consider our personal values as well as those that define Duke.  A principles-based decision model can make it easier for individuals, regardless of position or level, to be confident that decisions take into considerations the complexities inherent in making effective, values-based decisions.

Our model takes into account two realities:

  • Duke empowers and expects everyone to make decisions consistent with their positions and responsibilities.
  • Every decision should be tested against our policies and values, applicable laws and regulations as well as your own definition of what is right, fair, good and acceptable.

Once you have defined your question, use this model to consider the potential problems, evaluate alternatives, seek advice and confirm your decision.